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Data Center Cleaning Services

Data Center Cleaning Services

When was the last time you scheduled deep cleaning service for your data center? Dust and other harmful products will cause serious harm to your facility, and you should be ready to work with a cleaning company that will go above the norm with an excellent suite of services for the peculiar needs of the data center.

Things That Set Our Data Center Cleaning Company Apart From The Rest

We offer a wide range of quality data center cleaning services and will perform thorough inspections to know which one suits you best. Our state-of-the-art technologies and a highly responsive team of technicians will ensure your room has the healthiest and longest span of service using the best cleaning systems.

We are different because we make sure to meet the ISO 14644 Standard, which is a superior standard for particular areas like data center facilities. The International Standard Organization set up a protocol for air cleanliness in 1999 and has several divisions for different facilities.

The ISO 14644 Standard states that the maximum number of contaminants should be between 0.1 to 5 microns per cubic meter. This is a high ISO class and is usually relevant for facilities that have stringent operational standards.

Data centers are not constructed to be extremely clean, but they must maintain this type of sanitization to achieve the best cleanliness levels. The cleanliness of the data center depends on the team you hire because the best ones will use the best technology to test, clean, and maintain the space to its best state.

How We Achieve The 14644 Standard When Cleaning A Data Center

The ISO 14644 Standard does not articulate the exact cleaning method that should be used, but it does detail which results reach these levels. Here are a few things we do with data Center cleaning and sanitization to meet the set standards:

  • We evaluate the needs of your facility and establish the areas that will need the highest amount of cleaning. The report will not be the same for all data centers because each has different configurations and, therefore, will need different cleaning methods.
  • Using specialized methods means the contaminants will not spread, and we can ensure better safety for all kinds of features such as switches, breakers, cable connections, and more.
  • The team has a detailed timing of the frequency of cleaning, which goes a long way in making a dramatic shift for the cleanliness of your room. The firm schedule will be necessary to remove stubborn dust from the subfloor and reduce the static electricity in the air caused by the dirt and dust floating around.

Maintaining The ISO Standards With Server Room Cleaning Services

Audits do not end when we come into the data room for the first time. We continue to review the space continuously and then perform inspections and adjustments on the affected cleaning protocols.

Ultimately, the manager is responsible for making sure the data center meets this standard at all times. Contact our data center cleaning contractors online to arrange a consultation that will outline a comprehensive maintenance program for your data center cleaning services.

Data Center Cleaning Services

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Data Center Cleaning Services

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